PYRATES smart fabrics commits to creating the textiles of the future using the PYRATEX® technology · when developing each and every PYRATEX® fabric, it looks for premium quality, softness, and durability · their benefits for the skin and body have been certified by scientists of various institutes in Europe · the active components heal, soothe and care your body · PYRATEX® fabrics are ideal for underwear, sportswear, loungewear, activewear, children and infants clothing ·

the company believes in the power of collaborations · it partners with brands and designers to join forces and create fashionable armours against the external elements · it is a fashion partner bringing into the collaboration its unique smart fabrics as well as the tailoring and modern couture knowledge of its creative director Zuzana Kralova who also developed the core collection made 100% with PYRATEX® ·

T H E  P Y R A T E S  P R O M I S E

Regina POLANCO -min

PYRATES’ smart fabrics use a special technology brought by nature · the active components of PYRATEX® are not injected nor added, they are embedded in the fabric and thus have no expiration date and do not wash-away · PYRATEX® fabrics are fully biodegradable and produced in an environmentally friendly manner, using only products and techniques that are harmless for the nature ·

at 23 years old, Regina Polanco is dedicated to find a fashion solution to the new needs of her generation · with the millenials on her mind, Regina creates PYRATES a company whose vision is to be a pioneer in smart textiles, unveiling the synergies between fashion, nature and technology:

 « I believe that the future of fashion is greatly linked with health and well-being. We are becoming increasingly conscious of the absolute need to care for our body mind and body, investing more time and money into sports, natural products and super-foods. I believe that just like super-foods became the evolution of food, smart-fashion is the logical evolution of fashion. I believe in a technology that brings us a real added value, but also in an invisible technology. Smart fashion doesn’t mean that we will have to look like we are coming out straight from Star Wars, that we will have cables and sensors everywhere. PYRATES aims at offering to the fashion world textiles with an added benefit, this invisible technology, or natural technology as I like to call it. »

Regina Polanco, Founder & CEO

01 · 2017   Finalist of the Fashion Fusion, 4-month program in Berlin organised by Deutsche Telekom with Adidas and Intel gathering the most promising                          European Fashion-Tech start-ups

06 · 2017   Look Forward Fashion Award Nominee

                   Winner of the Look Forward Fashion Tech start up contest

07 · 2017   Winner of the Premium Young Designer Award in the activewear category